Friday, December 5, 2008

Greenwich Financial Services sues Countrywide and opens Pandora's Box of media scrutiny

Greenwich Financial Services has raised the hackles of Lou Dobbs and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, among others, over its decision to sue Countrywide after the bank decided to modify the terms of 400,000 troubled mortgages. Greenwich says that modifying the loans damages the financial interests of the bondholders.

William Frey who heads GFS and his attorney both appeared on a CNN interview. They deserve a lot of credit for taking a very unpopular position in a very public manner. Hopefully, their investors will appreciate the effort.

The explosiveness of the situation and risk undertaken by GFS is clear in the CNN interview when Rep. Maxine Waters refers to GFS as "greedy hedge fund operatives...looking for fast money."

The New York Times writes about the lawsuit and includes more details about the complaint.

Check out the Deal Professor's analysis of Countrywide's pooling and servicing agreements and the merits of Greenwich's claim.

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